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Global coating additives defoamer market size will

Global coating additives defoamer market size will

A new study research institutions Marketsand day before Markets released the 2015 global paint additives defoamers market size of about $748 million, the global population growth, urbanization, environmental regulations, industrial development and sustainable development policies and other factors stimulation, is expected to 2021 the market size will reach $1 billion 34 million 200 thousand a year. The compound growth rate of 5.6%.

There are many kinds of defoaming agents, and the data show that the water defoamer in 2015 is the second largest defoaming agent. It is expected that the growth rate will be the highest in the period from 2016 to 2021. The research also points out that the defoaming agent has high cost performance and can be adjusted appropriately according to the specific requirements of the user.

In 2015, the biggest application of defoaming agent for building coating industry, as users of the higher Home Furnishing and place of business, the quality of life and individual requirements and defoaming agent in the field of building consumer demand will also increase.

The analysis pointed out that in 2015, the Asia Pacific region was the largest consumer market for defoaming agents, followed by North America and europe. Asia Pacific economic growth faster, disposable income increased, industrial production continued to improve, the automobile manufacturing industry developed strong, these factors are the region's defoaming agent market demand increased driving force.

The major producers of defoaming agents include: BASFSE (Germany), Dow, Corning, Corporation (USA), Elementis, Plc. (UK), BYK-Chemie, GmbH (Germany), etc..