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Dimensional control of garment washing samples

Dimensional control of garment washing samples

Size control method for washing garment sample

First, to find out the reasons for excessive tolerances on the size of finished garments. The size problem usually comes in the following five situations:

1), a master model, push the error code (for example: clothing system board when preparing quantity remaining insufficient), the size of the problem size appeared in series sizes usually push code calculation error;

2) the shrinkage test is not allowed or the washing process is different (temperature, drying time, etc.), resulting in excessive change in size after washing;

3), sewing cutting seam is too large, too small or too large copy; (for example: check the copy machine under the size of material);

4) dimensional changes caused by special processes (e.g., washing, heavy hand cleaning, etc.);

5) change the size of the ironing.

Two, calculate the shrinkage method: A = - shrinkage changes size / length x 100% - B model with product specifications, size shrinkage = (1- ratio)

Three, send a sample of sewing washing plant washing with a piece of cloth on the subject, 50X50 square, and the clothing samples together according to the same washing process, verify the correctness of the washing process, in fact the size change is caused by the distinction between sample making or washing process.

Four, from the sample washing, the establishment of large cargo production process of washing. Avoid repeated confirmation before production, maximize the production time, and provide the correct technical standards as soon as possible for the production of large garments.

Five, earnestly fabric washing test, carefully fill in the content section of the single board sample processing, clear account timely and accurate design, prepare samples of raw material, so as a sample, sewing